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At-Home Fitness Fuel

I’m not sure about you, but my energy levels have been minimal during these quarantine days. It’s mandatory at this point that I work out in the morning or it’s not happening. Period. Pre-covid, I never really relied on pre-workout supplements for energy, but since May I’ve begun experimenting with various brands. I’ve found that taking a pre-workout or energy-inducing beverage 20-30 minutes before working out at home has greatly contributed to my consistency and overall results.

I do believe that taking pre-workout on a daily basis leads to dependency on the product, but it’s a great option to have on-hand if you’re ever feeling less than stellar. In this post I’m going to share some of the pre-workout options I’ve tried, my opinions on each, and links for purchase.

  1. Celsius

Through working in the fitness industry, I was introduced early on to celsius products. It has become my go-to option in terms of pre-workouts. I like that Celsius uses green tea extract, which has a slew of health benefits (10 Benefits of Green Tea Extract), as one of its main ingredients. I’ve never had jitters, or a crash later in the day, and it’s super easy to drink on the go.

2. Beyond Raw Lit

I usually am a huge fan of Beyond Raw Labs products, but this one definitely let me down. The flavor itself wasn’t bad, but my body did not react well to this product at all. I think had the least productive workout after consumption due to the fact I was overly jittery and easily distracted from my sets. I tried taking half a serving also, and the result was similar.

3. Eboost

I was also introduced to Eboost through my work in fitness also. I really enjoy using this product before I run outside and I like that you have the option to purchase single-use packets. Interestingly, I’ve found the full packet to be too much to handle. It makes me a bit jittery and my body tingles a bit, so I’ve found that taking half of the packet works best!

4. Bang

While at GNC (my home away from home), one of the store representatives recommended that I try this product. There are so many appealing flavors, and eye-catching packaging, so I threw a few in my cart. The product gave me the energy needed, but after consuming an entire can, I was left with a slight headache that hindered my workout. Not sure what ingredient causes this, but I tried a second can/flavor and it was the same result.

5. Coffee

Good old coffee never fails. I’ve found that having a cup 30 mins before my workout (along with an apple) gives me enough energy to push through my workouts. Both simple and easily accessible. I invested in a Keurig during quarantine, so I’ve ordered the Starbucks sampler linked above that I really enjoy.

6. Adjust your Sleep!

Yes, supplements are great and coffee can aid you in your workouts, but you must realize they can never replace adequate rest. Are you up late every night binge-watching Netflix? Up late on Facetime with friends? That is not going to help you reach your goals! I’ve been guilty of this myself, but you have to determine what your priorities are. Quarantine has allowed for valuable time adjust your sleeping habits. Structure your life in a way that will allow for success in the long-run. I sometimes have difficulty falling asleep, so I take Olly’s melatonin on the nights I am restless. They work, but keep in mind that consumption on a daily basis can lead to dependence.

As you continue in your fitness journey, your difficulties with sleep should gradually improve! Mine definitely have. Check out this article Exercising for Better Sleep from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Hopefully these suggestions will aid you in combating any lack of energy. If you’ve been using any other pre-workout or green tea products feel free to leave them in the comments!


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